End Social Care Disgrace

Campaign for a National Care, Support and Independent Living Service


I would like to pay tribute on behalf of a number of us in the ‘End Social Care Disgrace Campaign’ (ESCaD) to Sandra Daniels, long term disabled rights campaigner, passionate fighter for social justice and leading organiser with Bob Williams Findlay in “Act for Inclusion”.

When a number of us set up ‘Reclaim Social Care’ 5/6 years ago, we were put in touch with Sandra and Bob who with great pizazz whizzed through and wrote off a hopelessly inaccessible venue in Birmingham which was on offer for our first Conference. They rapidly became leading lights in the campaign and played a key role in drawing up the seven demands for a ‘National care, support and independent living service’ (NaCSILS now ‘End Social Care Disgrace, now ESCaD’s) seven demands.

Sandra and Bob ensured that we all had a reasonable understanding of Independent Living and the history of the disabled people’s movement.

Sandra was an excellent advocate and educator: down to earth, calm, kind and empathic but she didn’t let you off the hook if she felt that you didn’t get it! I will long remember her patiently explaining theoretical differences in terms of the difference between banana bread and banana loaf!

Thank you Sandra! You made a huge impact on so many campaigners and activists. We owe you and are honoured to try to walk some way in your footsteps.”

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The End Social Care Disgrace campaign is a non party political alliance calling for radical change to social care. We want to get the market out of social care and make support free at the point of use. Disabled and older people, families and communities must shape what is needed to ensure everyone is enabled to have choice, dignity, and control over their lives. We must end discrimination and dismantle barriers to access. We also want care and support work and the contribution made by informal carers properly valued and supported.

We are calling for a National Care, Support and Independent Living Service which will be:

  • Publicly funded, free at the point of use
  • Publicly provided, not for profit
  • Nationally mandated but designed and delivered locally
  • Co-Produced with service users and democratically accountable
  • Underpinned by staff whose pay and conditions reflect true value and skills
  • Designed to meet needs of informal carers
  • Informed by a task force on independent living led by user controlled groups from diverse backgrounds

We may have a short window to make a massive difference. Please get involved, support and spread our campaign.